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Current Studies Ongoing

At CCLIM we have always been pioneers and forward thinkers starting with Dr Jedlicka and Dr Messer.

Our top notch clinical care, innovative industry involvement and state of the art equipment has allowed the clinic to grow and have the ability to offer bigger and better opportunities for patients.

Encapsulating our commitment to excellence we are proud to be a research center for new and expanding technologies.

See below for an opportunity to participate in clinical trials with CCLIM.

You may qualify for a research trial we are conducting if you answer “yes” to any of these questions;

1. Have you been diagnosed with Neurotrophic Keratitis?

2. Are you interested in Orthokeratology AND 12 or older?

3. Would you consider free soft contact lenses for your child that slows down your prescription from increasing over time and they are between the age of 8-12?

4. Is your child interested in orthokeratology AND between the age of 8-12? (COMING SOON)

5. Would you consider a medicated eye drop to slow down your child’s prescription from increasing over time? (COMING SOON)

6. Do you have progressive keratoconus and not had any previous eye surgeries? (ENROLLMENT HAS BEEN COMPLETED)

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, contact CCLIM’s scheduling office and request to be “screened for a clinical” that fits your interests!

Thank you!