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I visited Dr. Holland six months ago with a work related I injury. It was very painful. I had to see him the other day for my recurring corneal erosion. Once again, he and his staff treated me like family and solved my problem with care and concern. They made me feel at home and they made me feel 100% better. I walk in with pain and not being able to sleep, very unrested, and I leave, so rested so calm and peaceful because they’ve taken the pain away. They are amazing. Use Dr. Holland for any and all of your problems. An incredible and amazing Doctor. He is my eye doctor for life.
4 days ago
- Leo K.
Very friendly and great customer service 🙂
1 month ago
- Mohamed M.
I was glad I got a second opinion. I think his treatment plan is going to work.
2 months ago
- Scott C.
Great experience at CCLIM! Dr. Holland and the staff were very nice and answered all my questions. Full eye exam, checked my contact lenses, updated my prescription, and adjusted my glasses. All in about 45 mins. I highly recommend them.
2 months ago
- Jesse P.
Happy to get good news on my regular routine visit. Everyone in the office was great. I’d recommend you to my friends
2 months ago
- Rose M.
Great team 👏 very nice.
2 months ago
- Amanda K.
I always feel like I am getting the best care.
3 months ago
- Mary S.