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Dr. Holland is great!
3 days ago
- David M.
It had been 20 years since my last exam so I was a little nervous but the whole process was fantastic!
1 week ago
- Bryan P.
I am beyond appreciative of the amazing experience we’ve had with Dr. Holland and his team (including the students we’ve had the pleasure to interact with). My daughter was dx with Childhood Dry Eye Syndrome at the age of 8 and saw countless other “specialists.” When she turned 13, her syndrome flared up again terribly. We were able to be seen quickly by Dr. Holland, and while he confirmed that in fact her condition is rare, it isn’t untreatable nor difficult to manage once we used the correct treatment to get it stabilized. This was the first time we weren’t shuttled about to someone else, but instead provided a plan of action. At that first visit my daughter was seeing 20/80 with her glasses. Since then, the damage to her eyes is improving, and she’s seeing 20/25 and 20/20 with corrective lenses. She’s flourishing again in her club softball program, and in school. We will continue to see Dr Holland, and we are grateful to him for helping give our child a plan for the future to keep her eyes healthy.
4 weeks ago
- Neena W.
Dr. Holland and his team are top notch. I know my daughter’s vision care is in the hands of someone who truly cares and is endeavoring to come alongside us and turn over every stone to keep her eyes as healthy as possible.
2 months ago
- Renna Z.
Very good experience with Eye exam appointment. Knowledgeable Support and Medical staff at this place.
2 months ago
- Ani G.
The staff was kind, courteous and professional. Everything was explained well and I left with the impression the doc and staff genuinely cared about my concerns with my vision.
2 months ago
- Dave M.
Dr. Holland and his staff are amazing. This doctor saved my vision in more ways then one. He is the most caring, gentle dr. You could ask for. He remembers the littlest things from your last meeting. Reat humor. Super intelligent when it comes to correcting vision. Top notch the best doctor I've ever had!! I always feel like family upon arrival. Thank you to each of you.
2 months ago
- Rebecca A.